Unique Japanese Ice Cream Flavors We Can’t Wait to Try




Ice cream is one of the most beloved treats in Japan, known as “aisu kuriimu”. From soft-serve offerings to traditional wafer cones and various flavors, such as green tea and red bean, there are countless types of ice cream to explore and enjoy in Japan.



A wide variety of specialty shops offer some unique varieties and fun twists on this classic treat!





In Japan, ice cream is a delicious treat enjoyed by all ages.



From classical flavors to unique inventions that mix Western and Japanese traditions,



it’s easy to find something you like! Explore the many types of Japanese ice cream like soft serve, kakigori, black sesame, and so much more.









Unique Japanese Ice Cream





Ice cream is a popular treat in Japan and there are many unique flavors that visitors should try.


One of the more popular ice creams are mochi ice cream. Mochi ice cream is a type of Japanese frozen dessert found all over Japan, which consists of small pieces of mochi (soft rice cake) filled with ice cream or other sweet fillings. Other top favorites include green tea, black sesame and jasmine tea flavored ice creams.




Other more unusual flavors to sample include soy sauce, wasabi, mentaiko (cured fish roe), squid ink, charred tea and yuzu citrus.



These unusual flavors may sound strange but are often surprisingly good!



For those looking for something a little different in the way of treats, there is kinako-flavored soy flour ice cream or owari-mikan (mandarin orange from Owari) sorbets.






When it comes to textures, Japanese ice creams also offer some unique variety:



There’s soft serve like taiyaki cones – fish shaped waffles filled with everyone’s favorite vanilla soft serve!






Crema Salad sticks feature two crunchy layers made with cookie dough around a creamy center that’s just like regular soft serve but better!




If you’re a fan of frothy matcha drinks then you’ll love matcha floats; the rich flavor helps make this dessert one to remember. Last but not least lets not forget about kakigori.


This typically consists of syrup-flavored shaved ice piled high on top of each other layered with various delicious toppings including fruits and syrups – its as good as it looks!




Whether you prefer something classic or daringly out-of-the-box when it comes to your sweet tooth desires Japan has it all when it comes to icy cold treats!