An Overview of the Major Religions in Ukraine



Ukrainian Orthodoxy is the largest religion in Ukraine. It was established by St. Vladimir, who was canonized in



1. Orthodox Christianity
Orthodox Christianity is the largest Christian denomination in Ukraine. Its origins lie in Eastern Europe, where it was first established in 988 AD under the name of Kyivan Rus’ (Kievan Rus’). In 1054, the Byzantine Empire took control of the region, and the church became known as the Russian Church. After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Russian Church came under the authority of the Patriarchate of Moscow. The Russian Church adopted many features of Western Christianity, including the use of the Latin alphabet, the Gregorian calendar, and the liturgy.


2. Catholicism
The Catholic Church is the largest Christian church in Ukraine. It originated in Rome around 300 AD, and spread throughout Europe. Today, the Ukrainian Catholic Church is a branch of the Roman Catholic Church.


3. Protestantism
Protestants are Christians who do not accept the authority of the Pope, nor the doctrine of transubstantiation. Protestants believe that salvation comes only through faith alone, without any works. They reject the sacraments of baptism and communion.


4. Judaism
Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion in the world. Jews have been practicing their religion since ancient times. Today, the majority of Ukrainians identify themselves as Jewish.


5. Islam
Islam is the second-largest religion in Ukraine. Muslims follow the teachings of Muhammad and his successors. Most Muslims live in Central Asia and the Middle East.


6. Buddhism
Buddhism is the third-largest religion in Ukraine after Christianity and Islam. Buddhists believe that suffering is caused by attachment to material things. They strive to achieve enlightenment through meditation and selfless service.


7. Hinduism
Hinduism is the fourth-largest religion in Ukraine, and the country’s predominant religion. Hindus worship various gods and goddesses, and consider cows sacred.









Ukraine: Religion and Religious Beliefs





Ukraine is a very multi-faith nation and spirituality is a part of everyday life for the majority of its citizens. Predominantly Slavic Orthodox Christian, a large number of Ukrainians follow the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church as well. Smaller minorities of Protestant, Judaic, Muslim and other faiths also exist within this rich tapestry of spiritual beliefs in Ukraine.



Religion has been an important part of Ukrainian culture since the country’s formation. The two main groups in Ukraine are Orthodox Christians and Uniate Catholics, which are mainly concentrated in western Ukraine. Additionally, there are smaller percentages of Muslims, Protestants, and Jews among the population in Ukraine. According to census data from 2020, 66% of the population identifies as Orthodox Christian and 6% as Uniate Catholic. 4% of Ukrainians identify as Muslim and 1% identify as Protestant or Jewish.




Ukraine has a diverse religious population and is home to many different faiths. The predominant religious group consists of Eastern Orthodox Christians, mostly Russian-aligned, followed by the various Protestant denominations that can be found throughout much of Europe. Other groups present in Ukraine include Roman Catholics, Armenian Apostolic Church adherents, Jews, Muslims and members of an independent Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. There are also minority religions such as Baha’i and Krishnaism.






Major Religions in Ukraine





Ukraine is a religiously diverse nation, with the two largest groups being Christians – Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic – making up the majority of believers. Other religions practiced in Ukraine include Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The Religious Law of Ukraine allows for freedom of religion and protects all faiths from discrimination.




Ukraine is home to various religious belief systems, with the most prominent being Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam. According to the latest available census data, approximately 70% of Ukrainians identify as Eastern Orthodox Christian, 12% as Roman Catholic Christian, 10% as Protestant Christian and 8% as Muslim. Other minority religions remain practiced in smaller numbers throughout the country.



In Ukraine, the predominant religions are Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Nearly 68% of Ukrainians identify as Orthodox Christian and a further 10% identify as Catholics. Other religions present in the country include Judiasm and Islam.







What are the most popular religions in Ukraine?





Ukraine is a very diverse but predominantly Orthodox Christian country, with the majority of its population adhering to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Other religious groups in Ukraine include Eastern Rite Catholics, Protestants, Greek Catholics, Judaism, and Islam. Over half of Ukrainians practice Orthodox Christianity and approximately 1% are Muslim.



Ukraine has a diverse religious landscape with Christianity as the most prevalent belief system. The two major branches of Christianity in Ukraine are Eastern Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism. Other subdivisions include Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. All faiths enjoy freedom of worship as stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine.



Ukraine is a multi-religious nation, with a variety of religious faiths practiced. The most prominent religions are Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which is the dominant faith in Ukraine today and represents almost 70% of the population, followed by Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (14%), Catholicism (2%) and Protestantism (1%). Other religions represented in Ukraine include Judaism, Islam and various denominations of Protestantism.