Plumbing a Garbage Disposal





Plumbing a garbage disposal



Plumbing a garbage disposal is not difficult, but it can be time consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s important to understand how the system works before attempting to repair it yourself.






Disposal Plunger





The plunger is a simple tool that is used to remove food debris from the drain line. A typical kitchen sink has a single-hole drain line that connects to a larger pipe called the sewer line. When the sink fills with water, the water rises up the drain line until it reaches the point where the drain line meets the sewer line. At this point, the water drains out of the sink and down the drain line. If food particles get stuck in the drain line, they will eventually clog the drain line and prevent the flow of water. To unclog the drain line, you need to use a plunger.





Drain Line Snake





A snake is a long flexible tube that is inserted into the drain line to clear any blockages. You can buy a snake at home improvement stores or hardware stores. Make sure to purchase a snake that is rated for plumbing applications.





Pipe Cleaner





Pipe cleaners are small plastic tubes that fit over the end of a toilet plunger handle. These are great for cleaning the inside of pipes.





Rubber Gloves




Rubber gloves are useful for removing hair and other foreign objects from the drain line.





Drain Clamp




Drain clamps are metal devices that attach to the outside of the sink and hold the drain line open while you clean the drain.





Drain Brush




A drain brush is a wire brush that is attached to the end of a broomstick. Use a drain brush to scrub away any stubborn food particles that have gotten stuck in the drain line.






Plumber’s Tape




Plumbers tape is a thin adhesive strip that sticks to the wall around the sink and holds the drain line open while using a plunger.