MoneyGram Ukraine



Moneygram Ukrainskaya Pravda is a Ukrainian company based in Kiev, Ukraine.


It is part of the global financial services group Western Union.



The company offers money transfer services through its network of agents and partners around the world.






MoneyGram Ukrainskiy Pochodnyi Bank is one of the largest international money transfer companies in Ukraine.



It offers services such as sending money internationally via email, online banking, mobile phone, and text messaging.








Moneygram Ukrainskiy Bank




Moneygram Ukrainskii Bank (Ukrainian: Український банк Монетарного СВАН) is a Ukrainian international money transfer company headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. Founded in 1992,




it is the largest money transfer service provider in Ukraine. In 2017, its total revenue was $1.8 billion.






MoneyGram International Inc.




Moneygram International Inc. is a subsidiary of MoneyGram Holdings, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, United States.



Its headquarters are located at One North End Avenue, Suite 600, New York City, NY 10036-3398, USA.






MoneyGram International Ltd.




MoneyGram International Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MoneyGram International Inc., based in London, England, UK.



Its headquarters are located in London Bridge House, 1st Floor, London SE1 9RJ, UK.







MoneyGram International Limited




MoneyGram International Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary company of MoneyGram International, based in Dublin, Ireland.



Its headquarters are located on Merrion Square West, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.







MoneyGram International PLC




MoneyGram International PLC is a publicly traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol MGI.




It is a global provider of money transfer services, including Western Union and MoneyGram.






MoneyGram International Plc




MoneyGram International Plc is a publicly traded company based in Dublin, Ireland, and listed on the Irish stock exchange.



It provides money transfer services throughout Europe and Asia.






MoneyGram International plc




MoneyGram Int’l plc is a publicly traded corporation based in Dublin, Ireland and listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.



It provides money transfer and payment solutions worldwide.