The city of Kiev is located on the Dnieper River in Ukraine.


It is the capital of the country and is home to many historical monuments and museums.



There are several hotels in Kiev, which offer accommodation ranging from budget to luxury.






Kiev is one of the largest cities in Ukraine and is located along the Dnieper River.


It is also known as Kyiv due to its historical ties to Russia.



There are many different types of accommodation available in Kiev including hostels, hotels, apartments, and private rooms.













Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and is located at the confluence of Dnieper River and Chornobyl River.



It is the largest city in the country and is home to over 2 million people.



The city was founded in the 9th century and became the capital of Kievan Rus’ in 980 AD.



In 1169, the Mongol invasion forced the population to move to the east bank of the river.




Kiev was once again destroyed in 1430 by invading Tatars.



After the fall of the Soviet Union, Kiev experienced rapid economic growth and became the center of Ukrainian culture.






Hotel Ukrainskiy





Ukrainian Hotels is a chain of budget hotels based in Kiev, Ukraine.



Founded in 1990, the company currently operates over 100 hotels across Ukraine.



The first hotel opened in 1990 in Kiev, Ukraine. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly and now owns and manages many hotels throughout Ukraine.







Ukrainskyi Hotel





Ukrainskyi Hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel located in Kiev, Ukraine.



Opened in 2012, the hotel has been designed by world famous architect Oleksandr Shevchenko.




The hotel consists of two buildings connected by a bridge.




The complex is situated along the embankment of the Dnipro River, near the Dynamo Stadium.







Hotel Metropol




Hotel Metropol is a 4-star hotel located in central Kiev, Ukraine.




Built in 1892, the building is considered to be among the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Europe.




The hotel was closed in 1932 due to the Great Depression.




In 1991, the building reopened as the Hotel Metropol.




Today, the hotel remains popular with tourists and business travelers for its location near the government district.







Hotel Ukraina





Hotel Ukraina is a 5-star hotel located on Khreshchatyk Street in downtown Kiev, Ukraine.




The hotel was built in 1911 and underwent several renovations and expansions since then.




The current design of the building resembles a traditional Ukrainian house.





The hotel features a restaurant called Cafe Pushkin, named after the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.






Hotel Baltschug Kempinski



Baltschug Kempinski is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Kiev, Belarus.



The hotel was established in 1919 under the name of Grand Hotel Belorusskaya.



In 1925, the hotel changed ownership and renamed to Hotel Belorusskaya Kempinski.




In 1992, the hotel was purchased by Swiss hospitality group Kempinski and renamed to its present name.






Hotel Okhotny Ryad




Okhotny Ryad (English: Sunny Side) is a 5-star deluxe hotel located in Kiev, Russia.



The hotel was constructed in 1912 and renovated in 2007.



The hotel is located on the banks of the Dnieper River, opposite the St. Sophia Cathedral.