How to Send a Fax from Email – An Easy-to-Follow Tutorial



Sending an email fax is a convenient way to securely transmit documents and information using your computer or phone. With a few simple steps, you can be up and running with email faxing quickly and easily. Learn all about how it works, the advantages of sending a fax this way, and how to get started right here.







Understanding the Basics of Email to Fax





Email faxing works by using an email-to-fax gateway service, which is basically a bridge between the traditional telephone-based fax machine and the newer digital world of emails. The gateway service converts your email message into a fax call and forwards it to the recipient’s fax machine. Once converted, all you have to do is attach your documents to the email, which will then be translated into a readable image format on the receiving end. It’s that easy!






Set Up Your Email To Send Faxes





Before you can start faxing, you’ll need to set up your email account for the process. With most services, this involves downloading their software onto your computer. Once that’s done, follow the directions provided to create a unique address specifically for sending and receiving faxes via email. You may also have to provide payment information so you can pay for services when needed. When all of these steps are complete, it’s time to start faxing!







Prepare Your Document for Faxing





Before you can fax your document, it needs to be prepared correctly. Ensure that the document is in .pdf or .doc format and saved to your computer. Also make sure that the file isn’t too large for the service you’re using. Once the file is ready and saved, attach it to an email sent from your new fax address and hit send! Then, wait for confirmation and voila—you’ve successfully sent a fax via email!





Find a Service Provider to Start Sending Faxes





Once you’re ready to actually send your fax, you’ll first need to find a service provider. This could be an app or website that allows you to send digital documents without additional cost or time. Do your research and compare the features of any provider that interests you. Consider price, speed and security considerations when selecting a provider, as well as the types of services the company offers. In the end, choose a service that suits your needs and get ready to start faxing!






Tips for Sending Successful Emails





Now that you’ve chosen a service provider, it’s time to begin the process of actually faxing from your email. But in order for your message to be successful, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Be sure to attach only the document or files you wish to fax and make sure they are all named correctly. Consider also labeling the subject line with something that will easily identify your fax and inform its recipient – such as “Fax” – as this will help ensure it gets delivered quickly and efficiently. Finally, double check the accuracy of the recipient’s fax number prior to pressing send!