Holidaying in Canada – Experiences You Can’t Miss




1.  Canada Day

Canada Day is a national holiday celebrated every July 1st across Canada and around the world. In 1867, three colonies of British North America joined together to create the country of Canada, making it one of the oldest countries on the planet! Celebrated in large cities and small towns alike with fireworks, parades, barbecues and other festivities, this day is a great time for Canadians to embrace their patriotism and celebrate their unique identity as a nation.




2. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in Canada since the 16th century, when early settlers would give thanks for harvests that were successful enough to sustain them through yet another year. Today, Canadian Thanksgiving is typically celebrated on the second Monday in October and includes gathering with friends and family for delicious meals such as roast turkey and pumpkin pie.



3. New Year’s Eve / Day

New Year’s Eve/Day is a highly anticipated annual event! It symbolizes renewal and hope while offering good wishes to people all over the world starting January 1st! Celebrate New Year’s by hosting festive parties or ringing in midnight from home- however way you choose – New Years’ will befilled with tons of joyous memories to take away for everyone!



4. Victoria Day

Victorian Day honours Queen Victoria’s birthday which is celebrated annually on May 24th (Victoria was born on May 24th). This holiday honors Queen Victoria who reigned during an era defined by immense imperial pride! This long weekend marks festivals, parades and fireworks displays for locals throughout the nation to participate in.




5. National Aboriginal Day

National Aboriginal Day (June 21) celebrates Canada’s Indigenous population: First Nations Peoples, Inuit People and Metis People; consider some of these celebrations held throughout Canada each year including stands featuring traditional dance shows, songs performances as well as markets selling handmade items like jewelry created specifically by local First Nation artists showcasing their culture & talent!



6. St Patrick’s Day

One of Ireland’s most famous national holidays has become widely popular in cities across Canada over recent years due to its mix of cultural celebration & lively partying atmosphere now included whale watching events too where visitors can admire special sights loaded with humpback whale sightings off downtown Vancouver’s English Bay coast! St Patrick’s day takes place over March 17th each year filled with music alongside those fashionable green clothes worn widely throughout pubs & streets creating ultimate excitement whenever St Patrick comes up join us in counting down from 30 lucky days before him!!



7. Christmas & Boxing day

Christmas can mean different things for different people depending on each person & their own traditions but usually involves giving presents used as time spent with relatives & cozy get-togethers wearing Santa hats – plus no December 25th flight would be complete without singing many carols amongst everyone signing along either at home or nursing homes holding special visits allowing fragrant joy emanate throughout air!! Boxing day (Dec 26th) follows closely behind known shifting focus towards savings seen after winter season often yielding retail stores boasting big discounts enhancing thrill price reductions shoppers experience!!









Canada Holidays and Festivals





Canada is home to many different holidays and festivals throughout the year, from national public holidays like Canada Day and Thanksgiving, to a variety of religious and cultural events taking place throughout the nation. Each holiday gives Canadians an opportunity to celebrate their unique culture and history, making for plenty of fun for all.

Canada boasts an array of public holidays, special days to mark national anniversaries, and provincial and territorial celebrations. From the traditional winter solstice holiday of Navidad in Newfoundland to the Victoria Day fireworks displays across the country, Canadians of all backgrounds get a chance to celebrate their diverse histories throughout the year.

Canada is a country that celebrates diverse holidays and festivals. The most common national holidays are Canada Day, which falls on July 1st, and Thanksgiving which takes place in October. Other public holidays vary according to each province or territory. Additionally, many Canadians also celebrate other major religious or secular holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Diwali, Hanukkah and Chinese New Year. There are also many smaller cultural and local festivals celebrated throughout the year in cities and towns across Canada.






Unforgettable Canadian Holiday Destinations





Canada offers an amazing array of holiday destinations, from the bustling cityscapes of Vancouver and Toronto to the majestic vistas of the Rocky Mountains. With its diverse culture, stunning natural beauty and numerous attractions, Canada is a great place for a relaxing or adventurous vacation. From summer festivals and winter sports to world-renowned dining experiences, Canada has something for everyone!



Canada is a beautiful country full of exciting places to visit and explore. A holiday in Canada can be filled with adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both! From stunning mountain peaks to majestic lakeshores and lively cities, Canada offers plenty of destinations for an unforgettable holiday experience. Whether it’s skiing down the pristine mountains in British Columbia, camping in the forests of Ontario or getting lost in the colourful lights of Montreal, you’re sure to find something special on your Canadian getaway.


Canada is a popular holiday destination for travelers across the globe. With majestic mountains, stunning coastline and spectacular cities, there is something to suit every kind of traveler. From cosmopolitan cities that never sleep to breathtaking national parks and picturesque villages, there is truly something for everyone in Canada. From skiing trips to river cruises, Canada offers a stunning array of options that will make your holiday a memorable one.






Best Winter Holiday Destinations in Canada




Canada is a prime destination for winter holidays, offering many unique experiences and landscapes. With a plethora of activities for all to enjoy, visitors can choose between skiing, snowboarding, holiday events, and much more. From coast to coast to coast, Canadians have endless options when it comes to finding the perfect winter holiday destination.


When it comes to winter holidays in Canada, there are plenty of options for a festive and fun-filled vacation. Whether you’re looking for a cozy mountain getaway or an outdoor adventure, there is no shortage of beautiful places to visit in the Great White North. Popular destinations include Quebec City for its historic charm and quaint frosted beauty; Banff National Park for skiing, snowshoeing and wildlife spotting; Lake Louise for stunning views and ice skating; Whistler Village for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling; Niagara Falls for a picturesque escape; Winnipeg for arts and culture festivals, tobogganing, skate parks and more!

Canada has some of the best winter holiday destinations in the world! Whether you want to explore the rugged mountains of British Columbia, ski in the snow-covered peaks of Alberta, or feel the warmth of Toronto’s sunny winter weather, Canada is sure to provide something for everyone. From cozy bed & breakfasts to luxurious hotels and resorts, you’ll never be stuck for options when it comes to where to stay during your Canadian winter holidays.